Food and Drug Administration designates MDMA as "breakthrough therapy" for PTSD.


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 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine, or MDMA, is a synthetic psychoactive compound that is widely recognized for its ability to decrease fear while increasing feelings of trust, empathy and compassion. MDMA is often misrepresented as being the same as the street drugs "Molly" or "Ecstacy". While these drugs may contain traces of MDMA, they frequently also contain unknown and/or dangerous adulterants. 

In laboratory studies, pure MDMA has been proven sufficiently safe for human consumption when taken a limited number of times in moderate doses (MAPS).

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For a more comprehensive list of completed and ongoing studies involving MDMA-assisted therapy, as well as related content, please click the MAPS logo above to explore their website and their role in dedicating three decades to non-profit research and education of careful uses of psychedelics. 

MDMA in the Media

August 26, 2017

The Washington Post

Ecstasy Could Be ‘Breakthrough’ Therapy for Soldiers, Others Suffering from PTSD

August 31, 2017

CBS News

FDA designates MDMA as "breakthrough therapy" for PTSD

August 30, 2017

Military Times

Floatin’ in ecstasy: Veterans suffering from PTSD may soon find help from an unlikely source

September 01, 2017

A Plus

The U.S. Just Took A Big Step Towards Legalizing This 'Party Drug' As Treatment For PTSD

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