My relationship with movement began at young age when I was enrolled in dance classes. Throughout my childhood I explored many forms of dance, including ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, and pointe.


In college I became enamored with the practice of flow arts, such as hula-hooping, poi, etc. Manipulating an object as an extension of my body was a new and challenging form of movement that forged new pathways in my brain as I learned to move with another object and understand its relation to gravity and momentum. The practice of flow arts facilitates what is known in Psychology as the "flow state". In my life I have found it to be both an active form of meditation and self-expression.


Since then, my interest in movement only continues to expand. Having been introduced to yoga in high school, I continue to delve deeper into my practice. I am passionate in my personal practice and exploration of aerial yoga as well. I have also collaborated with Exquisite Movement, a community of movers creating an ongoing dance on social media.


I have an intense love for Ecstatic Dance and am involved in the ED community in Charleston. I have found this unrestricted form of movement, as well as the community that revolves around this practice, to be a profound facilitator of deep personal work, growth, and bliss.

Movement, for me, has been and continues to be the most powerful facilitator of self-expression, exploration, and growth, and most of my artwork is greatly inspired by this. It is through my art that I attempt to embody and share this feeling with others, in hopes that it will strengthen their own personal relationship with movement as a form of healing and self-exploration. 

© 2017 // Kelsea Brown